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Eco Tourism

Bulgarian national parks reveal great opportunities for tourism, research and education. The country is separated 3 national and 10 natural parks, which preserve the diversity, beauty and uniqueness of its natural and cultural heritage. 

 In the parks are protected  rivers, lakes, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and places.   Each of the national parks in Bulgaria covers and protects unique examples of ecosystems, declared reserves.  They are the only or one of the few refuges for many rare plants and animals of world importance.

National Parks are the perfect places for recreation, spiritual enrichment and touch with nature.

 Tourists can choose from a wide variety of activities like: hiking and bicycling, horseback riding, camping, climbing, mountaineering, photo hunt, caveing, monitoring of wild animals and plants.

  Many places along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast have been declared reserves.   For example, Bourgas is one of the few European cities, surrounded by wetlands of international importance for birds. Atanasov lake, Bourgas Lake and  Mandra Lake provide suitable nesting places for many rare representatives of the European bird.


 In the southern Black Sea coast is the Strandja Nature Park.

In the Nature Park you can meet with the greatest diversity of amphibians and reptiles in Europe, tourist can encounter the remnants of the Thracian tombs, enjoy the rhododendron bloom in May, waded in to crystal clear rivers, enjoy the archaic Folk Traditions survivors of pagan antiquity and preserved with love from people all over the mountain.